We offer a wide range of eco friendly energy solutions


We offer a wide range of eco-friendly energy solutions

Solar Panels

We are experienced installers of Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems. We also carry out servicing and repairs.

Battery Storage

We supply and install AC and DC-coupled battery storage systems.

Electric Car Charging

We are installers of electric vehicle car charging stations.



We are Renewable Energy Solutions

We are NICEIC-approved MCS Registered electrical installers.

We serve the domestic and commercial sector within the South West region of the UK, offering design and installation, upgrades and repairs of on-grid and off-grid solar pv panel systems.

We are an independent company and only install quality systems from reputable manufacturers with reliable guarantees. We have no financial incentives regarding equipment and we recommend what brand and type of equipment is used soley based on technical merit and suitability for your particular system

The individual that carries out the quotation will also be the individual who will install the system, offering zero miscommunication, delays or other common issues that you may come across with a typically larger scale company


There are plenty of reasons to "Go Green"

Renewable energy, also referred to as green energy, is power that is generated from natural energy sources such as, Solar Power, Windpower, Hydropower and Biomass. A much more efficient way of generating power as opposed to coal, oil or any other non-renewable sources


  • Economic Benefits
  • Climate Change
  • Pollution
  • Replenishable Energy

Turning sunlight into electricity!
Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels turn the energy from the sun into electricity. To harness this energy, the panels mounted on your roof need to be connected to an inverter elsewhere in the property.

During sunny days the solar panels will produce more electricity than you are able to use. Unused electricity is exported to the national grid, unless you have got a power diverter or “BATTERY STORAGE” system, meaning you will store currently unused electricity for consumption at a later time. However, if you use more electricity than your solar panels can provide, you will resume using the supply from the national grid.


The amount of electricity generated will depend on the annual amount of sunlight, as the amount of sunlight continually changes, the maximum power output of a solar panel is known as its Watt peak or WP.

Optimal conditions for solar panels are in a location that is south-facing and shade-free, under these conditions a system in the UK will generate approximately 90% of its Watt peak power.


If you are installing solar PV, we highly recommend that you consider “BATTERY STORAGE” at the same time.

With home batteries, you can store your excess solar energy to use when the sun goes down – or in a power cut. With smart tariffs, you can save even more by buying cheap off-peak electricity and selling when demand is high.

When battery storage is installed at the same time as solar PV, the 0% VAT rate applying to the solar PV installation will also apply to the battery storage system.

Voltage optimisation is a transformer-based technology which optimises the incoming supply from the national grid to match the voltage required by equipment on-site.


Optimising the voltage will reduce your energy use and costs as well as lowering your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

The general battery storage conversation normally include a Solar PV install. Solar and storage solutions are a great and ever-growing way to get the most out of solar energy production. The panels use photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight to energy, which is then stored in batterie for later use.

However it is also possible to utilize battery storage technology on its own, harnessing the energy collected from the grid and then in turn, using that to help homeowners achieve a greater degree of energy flexibility.

In some locations, energy pricing is time-dependent. At peak times, there’s a higher demand for energy. Utility companies capitalize on this by charging a premium.

Homeowners can take proactive steps to reduce energy costs by using batteries to store power from the grid. Smart software in the battery solution can be programmed to draw power at more cost-effective times and then switch to battery power for homes and appliances with battery-based power at peak times. Over time, this can help reduce energy costs and keep utility expenses as cost-efficient as possible.

Battery Storage is rapidly becoming the ideal solution for homeowners to take some control over their energy, costs and peace of mind

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